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CATHAY INDUSTRIES was founded in 1979 under the name Advanced Chemicals Limited. We began as a trading firm, but in just five years we grew large enough to launch our manufacturing business. Over time we became well-know experts in iron oxide pigments and our business took off even more. In 1997 the company was renamed CATHAY PIGMENTS, and then 30 years after our start-up, we became CATHAY INDUSTRIES , adopting a name that represents our status as one of the top three iron oxides manufacturers in the world.

1979 -  Trading – Originated with Advanced Chemicals Ltd. (ACL)

1984 -  Entered into manufacturing

1997 -  Cathay Pigments Holdings established

1998 -  Expansion of global businesses through acquisitions in USA, Europe,
           South Africa and Australia

2002 -  Investment in iron oxide for coatings application – Yixing

2006 -  Acquisition of High Purity plant in Valparaiso, Indiana, USA

2008 -  Cathay Pigments changed its company name to Cathay Industries

2014 -  Commissionedfirstphaseof 150kt production in Tongling (Anhui)
Capacity expansion of pigment finishing in Yixing (Jiangsu)

2015 -  Commissioned production of spray-dried granules in Tongling