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Due to its pure hue, consistent properties and tinting strength, iron oxide pigments play an important role in coatings, ceramics, paint, plastic and rubber. If you’re a supplier of any of these materials and you’re looking for a reliable iron oxide pigment manufacturer, contact CATHAY INDUSTRIES.


We’re a global chemical supplier and distributor of additives, raw materials and chemicals for a diverse range of industries. Our advanced manufacturing and laboratory facilities have earned us a reputation as a reliable and effective raw material supplier for any industry. We have a particular expertise in iron oxide pigments and a variety of other colorants in our complete portfolio, which can be customized to your specific business needs.


Our products are high in quality, produce reliable color consistency and are durable. We only manufacture with the finest materials, which are certified in accordance to European norm EN 12878 and in REACh registration. As one of the leading chemical manufacturers, our advanced processes follow the ISO 9001 Quality Certification, ISO 14001 Environmental Management and OHSAS 18001 regulations.


Maximization of production efficiency

All production processes are designed for maximum yield and minimized waste streams that are largely recycled.


Non-hazardous pigments

Our products are widely classified as non-hazardous, contributing to a safe working environment.


Energy conservation and waste cut

We fine tune our production process and logistic control to minimize energy consumption through application of state-of-the-art technology.

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CATHAYINDUSTRIES introduces CATHAYTHERM™ Thermostable Inorganic Color Pigments

Leading global inorganic pigments developer and producer CATHAYINDUSTRIES introduces CATHAYTHERM™ a dedicated range of high performance thermostable pigments specifically designed for thermoplastic and thermosetting applications. CATHAYTHERM™ pigments are ideally suited for a wide range of high temperature applications, including plastics, powder coatings, high bake temperature industrial coatings, coil coatings, specialty […]

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CATHAY INDUSTRIES at China Coat 2017

CATHAYINDUSTRIES Group looks forward to presenting our CATHAYRED™ and CATHAYTHERM™ range of Iron Oxide and Inorganic Color Pigment at this years China Coat exhibition in Shanghai from 15th ~17thNovember 2017. Our global team will be on hand to discuss our exciting iron oxide pigment technology, and assist you with your enquiries. Join us at the Shanghai New […]

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CATHAY INDUSTRIES introduce CATHAYRED™a new range of high performance Red Iron Oxide Pigments

Leading global iron oxide pigment manufacturer CATHAY INDUSTRIES introduces CATHAYRED™a renewed and extended range of precipitated Red Iron Oxide Pigments specifically designed for the paint and coating industries. Continuous refinement and enhancement of CATHAY’s proprietary wet precipitation process has led to a new range of red iron oxides CATHAYRED™ that […]

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