Chrome oxide

Chrome Oxide

Micronized Grade
CATHAYTHERM™ Micronized GA grade chrome oxides are high-quality pigments made for top coating with premium requirements. With their extra well dispersing properties, they can be used directly for high speed dispersing without further milling and, therefore, save time, energy and labor during production of paints and other final products.

Standard Grade
CATHAYTHERM™ GA standard grade Chrome Oxides are a range of high-quality pigments with attractive pricing. They can be used in coating applications, including plastics, paper and dispersions. Extra milling or dispersant may be needed if extra fineness is required for premium applications.


FERROTINT™ is CATHAY INDUSTRIES’ registered trademark for construction pigments. All FERROTINT™ pigments, including construction series Chrome Oxide Green are made with tight specifications, which is economical and desirable for a variety of construction industries.

CATHAYGRAN™ chrome oxide pigment is metered and dispensed through automated dosing machines and is suitable for use in systems that utilize gravity, mechanical and pneumatic conveyance methods. It is highly regarded for its ease of dispersion during the end user’s mixing process and for achieving outstanding levels of color development.