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High purity Brown iron oxide is an oxide pigment of exceptionally high chemical purity. It is produced by a strictly controlled manufacturing process. We guarantee this high purity material conforms the requirements of EC food legislation (EC-Directive 95/45/EEC). Apart from the requirements in EC directive, this product also fulfills the purity requirements of FDA regulations (title 21 section 73), which permitted as additives for foods, pharmaceuticals, drugs and cosmetics.

It is a brown color powder as a mixture of anhydrous ferric oxides, or anhydrous iron (III) oxide with molecular formula Fe2O3 (M.W. 159.7), hydrated ferric oxides, or hydrated iron (III) oxide with molecular formula Fe2O3.H2O (M.W. 177.7) and ferroso ferric oxides, or hydrated iron (II, III) oxide with molecular formula Fe3O4 (M.W. 231.55).

Properties Description
Appearance Brown Powder
Chemical Composition Fe2O3, Fe2O3.H2O, Fe3O4
Particle Shape Irregular
Pigment Index Red 101, Yellow 42, Black 11
Color Index 77491, 77492, 77499
CAS No. 1309-37-1, 51274-00-1, 1317-61-9





* Tint Tone: reduction with TiO2 1:4.
**The color shades presented here are as accurate as monitor settings allow.**
**They may be different from shades in actual application and are for reference only.**


E Grade
Drugs, Cosmetics, Food Additives, Printing Inks, Others