CATHAYPURE™ Yellow Y5108

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CATHAYPURE™ Yellow Y5108

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Y5108 is a synthetic high purity yellow iron oxide (göethite, α-ferric oxyhydroxide)
developed for cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical applications. Y5108 meets FDA and
European E172 heavy metals specifications.

Properties Description
Appearance Yellow Powder
Chemical Composition Fe2O3.H2O
Particle Shape Acicular
Pigment Index Yellow 42
Color Index 77492
CAS No. 51274-00-1





* Tint Tone: reduction with TiO2 1:4.
**The color shades presented here are as accurate as monitor settings allow.**
**They may be different from shades in actual application and are for reference only.**


Z Grade
Drugs, Cosmetics, Food Additives, Printing Inks, Others