Hoover 105NO Wet Sand

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Hoover 105NO Wet Sand

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Hoover Color’s 105NO Iron Oxide is an economical pigment designed for construction products such as concrete, stucco, and grout, and can also be used for primer grade coatings and mulch colorants. This pigment is part of Hoover Color’s “Good” series of pigments, being milled to a lesser degree than the “Better” series. As with all iron oxides, it exhibits excellent weatherability, UV and chemical resistance, and is considered a permanent pigment.

Properties Description
Appearance Yellow Powder
Chemical Composition Goethite
Pigment Index Mixture
Color Index 77492
CAS No. Mixture



* Tint Tone: reduction with TiO2 1:4.
**The color shades presented here are as accurate as monitor settings allow.**
**They may be different from shades in actual application and are for reference only.**


Construction, Leather Coatings, Paints & Colorants, Others