Hoover 506BU Burnt Umber

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Hoover 506BU Burnt Umber

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Umbers are one of the oldest pigments used by mankind. These natural Iron-Oxides are known for their durability and are considered a permanent pigment. Burnt Umbers build on the lightfast and chemical resistance of Raw Umber, and add improved heat stability. Raw Umbers are naturally occurring Iron-Hydroxides, which convert to Burnt Umbers, or Iron Oxides, upon heat treating.

Hoover Color 506BU is one of the highest quality Burnt Umbers on the market today. It combines ease of dispersion with high color strength. Burnt Umbers are one of the most versatile pigment groups on the market today. They are used in almost any application, but are most often recognized as one of the prime pigments in wood stains and glazes. This is due to their transparency and warm undertone. Whatever your application is, a Burnt Umber is an economical place to start for producing a wide range of browns and tans.

Properties Description
Appearance Brown Powder
Chemical Composition Hematite
Pigment Index Brown 7
Color Index 77491
CAS No. 12713-03-0



* Tint Tone: reduction with TiO2 1:4.
**The color shades presented here are as accurate as monitor settings allow.**
**They may be different from shades in actual application and are for reference only.**


Coating, Leather Coatings, Paints & Colorants, Artist materials, Wood Stains, Others