Hoover Environoxide® BR-832

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Hoover Environoxide® BR-832

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One of the most recent innovations in the Iron Oxide Industry has been Hoover Color’s introduction of EnvironOxide®. These pigments are produced using a unique process that uses neither conventional, mined natural ores nor a chemical synthesis. Utilizing a proprietary process, we harvest iron oxides while converting coal-field mine drainage into clean water. The process is sustainable in addition to its environmental remediation benefits.

BR-832 is part of the red series of EnvironOxides®. Like all Iron Oxides, EnvironOxides® are lightfast and chemical resistant. This grade is well suited for wood stain applications and construction products. It can also be media milled to achieve higher Hegman requirements, such as with coatings, inks, paper, and adhesives.

Properties Description
Appearance Red Powder
Chemical Composition Hematite
Pigment Index Red 101:1
Color Index 77015
CAS No. 1317-63-1



* Tint Tone: reduction with TiO2 1:4.
**The color shades presented here are as accurate as monitor settings allow.**
**They may be different from shades in actual application and are for reference only.**


Coating, Paper, Printing Inks, Adhesive, Others