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Iron Oxides

Iron oxides are CATHAY INDUSTRIES’ core business. As one of the three largest iron oxide manufacturers in the world, CATHAY INDUSTRIES provides a wide range of iron oxide pigments from economical grades for construction applications, to high-quality CATHAYCOAT™ for top coating, and the highest-purity CATHAYPURE™ for cosmetics.

Chrome Oxide

Chrome Oxide Green pigments from CATHAY INDUSTRIES are a range of high-quality inorganic green pigments. They are produced to strict quality standard and offer reliable performance, including:

– Outstanding light-fastness
– High opacity
– Excellent chemical resistance
– Exterior durability

Heat Stable Ferrites

CATHAY INDUSTRIES produces two types of mixed metal oxides, Manganese Ferrite and Zinc Ferrite. Both are made with high-temperature calcination and are heat stable for applications with temperature changes. These products are marketed under the brand CATHAYTHERM™ and FERROTINT™.

Transparent Pigments

CATHAY INDUSTRIES offers EnvironOxide®,ochres, sienna,umber and van dyke pigments of uncompromising quality. They are produced at a dedicated plant of Hoover Color, a division of CATHAY INDUSTRIES in the US. These pigments have semi-transparent properties making them ideal for use in wood and furniture stains.

Titanium Dioxide

Titanium dioxide pigments add brightness, whiteness and opacity to thousands of products, from household decorative paints and industrial coatings, to ocean liners, cars and steel-framed buildings, to computer housing, sporting equipment and printing inks. CATHAY INDUSTRIES offers three types of titanium dioxide for different applications- Rutile, Anatase and CATHAYGRAN™.


A wide variety of classic and high performance pigments. This range includes Bone Black with excellent jettness and CATHAYCOLOR™ organic pigments, e.g. azo yellows and phthalo blues through to DPP reds and quinacrodone violets. All satisfy your performance and color requirements across a broad range of end applications.