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CATHAYPURE™ is the series of high-purity iron oxide pigments with extremely low heavy metal content. CATHAYPURE™ is tailor-made for high-purity applications such as cosmetics, medicines and food packaging. In order to respond to different purity requirements, CATHAYPURE™ is differentiated into two series, E and Z grades.

E Grade

CATHAYPURE™ E grade iron oxides are offered for pet food and general food packaging. E grades are in conformity with the requirements of EC food legislation (EC-Directive 95/45/EEC), E172, as well as American FDA regulations (title 21 section 73).

Z Grade

CATHAYPURE™ Z grade iron oxides are produced through a specialized manufacturing process, which makes them perfect for cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies that require ultra-purity from iron oxide pigment. CATHAYPURE™ Z grade products surpass all governmental requirements throughout the world.


High Chroma Reds under the brand name of CATHAYREDTM are superior Red Iron Oxide pigments manufactured using a unique precipitation technology to give brighter color. These pigments are suitable for demanding colorant applications including architectural paints, industrial coatings, product finishes, wood stains etc.


CATHAYTHERM™ is a new series of high-quality heat resistant pigments, which includes reds, yellows, browns, green and blacks. They are suitable for demanding and high temperature applications (≥220 ºC), e.g. masterbatches, thermal plastics, coil coatings and powder coatings.


CATHAYCOAT™ is CATHAY INDUSTRIES’ premium range of iron oxides. It’s made for top coating and fine-quality products like paints, plastics and paper. CATHAYCOAT™ can be divided into four subcategories, from the most-premium micronized A grade and LV grade, to standard S grade, and more economical C grade and Primer grade.

Low Viscosity Yellow

CATHAYCOAT™ LV grade is a unique yellow iron oxide pigment that provides extra-low viscosity in the final dispersion, even at the highest pigment loading.

Micronized A Grade

CATHAYCOAT™ Micronized A grade iron oxides are pigments with premium properties for the stringent requirement of high quality top coatings. With extra well dispersing properties, they can be used directly for high-speed dispersing without further milling. Therefore, it saves time, energy and labor during the production of paints, dispersions and other final products.

Standard Grade

CATHAYCOAT™ S grade iron oxides is a range of high-quality pigments with attractive prices for paints, plastics, paper and dispersions. Extra milling or dispersant additives can be added to customize and improve the final product.

Economical Grade

CATHAYCOAT™ C grade iron oxides is an economical pigment range for coating applications. With our custom specification manufacturing and our advanced, environmentally safe production, this range of iron oxide products provides another choice for excellent cost-performance ratio.

Primer Grade

Primer grade iron oxides are a range of red pigments that provide high hiding power, easy dispersion and high tinting strength for primer paint applications.

Construction Grades

CATHAY INDUSTRIES provides a full range of colors to the construction industry for asphalt, cement, tiles and other materials. Our construction grades are clustered into five series:

FERROTINT™ – basic pigment powder

COLOURMIX™ – tailor-made pigments for colored concrete

FLOWTINT™ – free-flow pigment powde

CATHAYGRAN™ – granular pigments for automated dosage machines

Masterbatches – pelletized pigment with EVA as carrier for asphalt coloring


FERROTINT™ is CATHAY INDUSTRIES‘s registered trademark for construction pigments. All FERROTINT™ pigments are made with tight specifications and, therefore, of consistently high quality, which are economical and desirable for many construction applications.


COLOURMIX™ is a range of iron oxides for construction applications, especially colored concrete. These products are tailored for ready-mix color, therefore no further tinting is required before use. Packed with CATHAY INDUSTRIES’ custom-made water soluble bags, COLOURMIX™ can be handled easily and mixed with other ingredients to minimize dust and unnecessary pollution.


FLOWTINT™ is a range of cost-effective, specially treated free-flowing powder, which is unique to CATHAY INDUSTRIES. The products can be used in automated dosing systems and have significant advantages over traditional powders. They have low-dust, improved-flow and non-caking characteristics for optimal dosing accuracy.


CATHAYGRAN™ iron oxides have been developed to be metered and dispensed through automated dosing machines and are suitable for use in systems that utilize gravity, mechanical and pneumatic conveyance methods. The CATHAYGRAN™ range is highly regarded for its ease of dispersion during the end user’s mixing process and for achieving outstanding levels of color development. CATHAYGRAN™ products offer well-known high levels of quality, consistency and strength, properties well-appreciated in the industry.


CATHAY INDUSTRIES’ masterbatches for asphalt coloring are made with the high-quality universal carrier EVA, hydrocarbon wax as resin, and special dispersants. This combination ensures that the final products will have extra color strength.


CATHAYMAG™ is a special range of pigments that are produced at our U.S. site dedicated to pigments with the highest purity requirements. These Magnetic Iron Oxides are offered for toners, magnetic inks, transfer ribbons, and other applications that require magnetic properties.

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CATHAY INDUSTRIES is a global manufacturer and supplier of complete colors solutions. we have become one of the top three manufacturers of synthetic iron oxide and have diversified our products to a complete range of pigments and raw materials.

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