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Iron Oxides


  • Iron oxides are CATHAY INDUSTRIES’ core business. As one of the three largest iron oxide manufacturers in the world, CATHAY INDUSTRIES provides a wide range of iron oxide pigments from economical grades for construction applications, to high-quality CATHAYCOAT™ for top coating, and the highest-purity CATHAYPURE™ for cosmetics.
Chrome Oxides


  • Chrome Oxide Green pigments from CATHAY INDUSTRIES are a range of high-quality inorganic green pigments. They are produced to strict quality standard and offer reliable performance, including:
  • – Outstanding light-fastness
  • – High opacity
  • – Excellent chemical resistance
  • – Exterior durability
Mixed Metal Oxides


  • CATHAY INDUSTRIES produces two types of mixed metal oxides, Manganese Ferrite and Zinc Ferrite. Both are made with high-temperature calcination and are heat stable for applications with temperature changes. These products are marketed under the brand CATHAYTHERM™ and FERROTINT™.


  • CATHAY INDUSTRIES offers EnvironOxide®,ochres, sienna,umber and van dyke pigments of uncompromising quality. They are produced at a dedicated plant of Hoover Color, a division of CATHAY INDUSTRIES in the US. These pigments have semi-transparent properties making them ideal for use in wood and furniture stains.
Titanium Dioxide


  • Titanium dioxide pigments add brightness, whiteness and opacity to thousands of products, from household decorative paints and industrial coatings, to ocean liners, cars and steel-framed buildings, to computer housing, sporting equipment and printing inks. CATHAY INDUSTRIES offers three types of titanium dioxide for different applications- Rutile, Anatase and CATHAYGRAN™.
Organic Pigments


  • A wide variety of classic and high performance pigments. This range includes Bone Black with excellent jettness and CATHAYCOLOR™ organic pigments, e.g. azo yellows and phthalo blues through to DPP reds and quinacrodone violets. All satisfy your performance and color requirements across a broad range of end applications.

About Us

CATHAY INDUSTRIES is a global manufacturer and supplier of complete colors solutions. we have become one of the top three manufacturers of synthetic iron oxide and have diversified our products to a complete range of pigments and raw materials.

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