EnvironOxide® pigments are made from iron oxide recovered from abandoned mine drainage through a waste elimination process that results in clean water. EnvironOxide® pigments are readily interchangeable with traditional iron oxide pigments, which are either mined or produced synthetically, and they offer the added benefit of being the result of an environmental restoration effort. Pigment properties, like durability, light stability, chemical resistance and low toxicity are similar to conventional iron oxides. They can color a wide range of products including paints and coatings, cements, plastics, paper, mulch and more.

Conventional EnvironOxide®

Conventional EnvironOxide® includes BR-832, BR-833, BR-834 and BG-836, which are lightfast and chemical resistant. BR-832 is heat stable to temperatures of 600F, while BR-833, BR-834 and BG-836, are heat stable to 300F. All have high purity and are below new 90PPM total lead limits.

M Class EnvironOxide®

M class EnvironOxides are finer milled versions of our conventional EnvironOxide® and exhibit better transparency,dispersability and tinting strength. These quality attributes make them ideal for metal coatings, including automotive coatings. In combination with effect pigments they can be used to achieve Gold, Copper and Bronze metallic colored coatings.


Ochres are nature’s premier “Buff” color pigments. These natural iron oxides are known for their durability and are considered a permanent pigment. Ochres are lightfast with good chemical resistance as well.


Siennas are one of the oldest pigments used by mankind. These natural iron oxides are known for their durability and are considered a permanent pigment. Burnt Siennas build on the lightfast and chemical resistance of Raw Sienna and add improved heat stability. Raw Siennas are naturally occurring iron hydroxides, which convert to iron oxides upon heat treating. This is how we get the term “Burnt Sienna.”

Raw Sienna

Raw siennas are often used in wood stain applications to produce lighter wood colors, such as Oak and Maple. Their fine crystal structures make them semi-transparent and ideal for these applications.

Burnt Sienna

Burnt siennas are prime pigments used for stains and glazes in wood coatings because of their transparency and warm red tone. When people picture the woods cherry, mahogany and rosewood, they most often are picturing those woods stained with a Burnt Sienna.


Umbers are naturally occurring iron oxides that are highly valued for their transparency and neutral chromaticity. In their natural “crude or raw” form, their chemistry is similar to yellow iron oxide. Like yellow iron oxides, burnt umbers have limited heat stability at temperatures greater than 315ºC/600ºF. At higher temperatures, umbers convert to a red iron oxide, Fe2O3 chemical form just like a yellow iron oxide. This heating conversion is normally referred to as burning, hence the term burnt umber.

Raw Umber

Raw umber is an excellent brown pigment and popular in the stain industry due to their semi-transparency. In many application, warm gray tones can be produced even though it is not heat stable. It is also used extensively by the colorant houses to darken a color without seriously affecting its chromaticity.

Burnt Umber

Burnt umber offers the best value in brown pigments. This material is in high demand in the stain industry because of their semi-transparency. Burnt Umber has a reddish undertone and exhibit good heat stability.

Van Dyke Brown

CATHAY INDUSTRIES offers a unique synthetic Van Dyke Brown, 778BN Brown. Our research team found an alternate way to linearly match the traditional Van Dyke’s color space and overcome the traditional pigment’s short comings. Our 778BN is intensively milled to give better dispersion characteristics and color consistency than the real Van Dyke.

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